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Inviting You To A New Kind of Tea Party

… It’s 4 o’clock somewhere

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Introducing Your Ultimate Passport

4.5% abv

Wandering Whistler Earl Grey + Elderflower Hard Tea

Earl Grey + Elderflower

Transport yourself to Buckingham Palace with this elegantly brewed earl grey tea. We added elderflower blossoms, honey-scented and deeply aromatic, for a more complex flavor profile. A smooth and hearty drink that’s great for an autumn afternoon or a wintry night in.

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Walk the streets of Shanghai with China’s most famous tea. We took green tea and scented it with jasmine blossoms to give it its trademark sweet and fragrant taste. Revitalize yourself with a can of Jasmine today. A crisp and light beverage for every hour.

Wandering Whistler Jasmine Hard Tea
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Wandering Whistler Chai Hard Tea


Cardamom, cinnamon, ground cloves, and peppercorn combine to create one of the world’s most popular drinks: chai. Originating in India, Chai has become popular worldwide. Our chai is robust and complex, with just a bit of spice, delicately crafted to give you the perfect pick-me-up for a slow afternoon.

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Tea, unique by region but uniting by experience, has become our most cherished souvenir from every trip across the globe. Whether it be an Earl Grey from the UK, a Chai from India, a Jasmine from Asia, or a Rooibos from Africa, the versatility of tea and the joy we get from sharing those flavors with our friends back home is how this adventure began. We dreamt up a new kind of tea party by brewing amazing teas and herbal blends into elevated spirited beverages.

Today, we’re hoping to share that same joy that sparked this adventure, with you.

Our craft hard teas just made tea time a little more interesting…

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